Answer: This site is intended to accelerate the process of registering for various MYO events. MYO youth, advisors, parents/guardians, and clergy are the sole intended users of this site. Anyone that indends to use this site should already be part of a Maronite Youth chapter within their local Maronite Church/Mission.
Answer: The registration process has been improved. Registering for an event is now quicker and easier. We have moved to a 'guide-based' registration, which is designed to help you navigate the system.
Answer: No. Due to changes in the registration process, your parent/legal guardian must register on your behalf
Answer: Basic information, including name, date of birth, home parish, etc. It is also necessary to provide vital medical information in case of emergencies. This includes an updated list of medications, allergies, and contact information for the registrants primary care physician.